For our very first show, we had to work hard to convince people to attend. By our second play, however, we ran out of seats. Now, people keep asking when our next shows will be and how they can help us continue our journey of producing original theatrical entertainment. Falling Apples would not be possible without the continued support and donations from our loyal and amazing fan base. We are in the process of establishing Falling Apples as a non-profit organization, but we also try to provide perks for our supporters' generosity. (Please see the packages below.)  For us to continue thriving and putting out quality work please consider joining us in this journey. 

We are truly grateful for your support.


Donations of $25

-One ticket to see "Off  Book" and an extra vote to cast at "Off Book" to see who goes on in the 2nd act (see our About section for a more detailed explanation).

Donations of $50

-A mention in the playbill and previous rewards. 

Donations of $75

-An autograped DVD of "Off Book,"a video thank you from the cast and crew, and previous rewards.

Donations of $100

-DVDs of this show and previous two original shows, "Missing Grace" and "Off White,"  an invitation to the post-show cast party, and previous rewards.

Donations of $200

-Producer Credit, tickets to any and all performances of "Off Book," an invitation to view any rehearsal, access to a live feed of "Off Book" for one night, plus previous rewards.

Donations of $500

-Lifetime tickets at door for "Off Book,"an invitation to an exclusive company member gourmet dinner, and previous rewards. 

Donations of $1000

-Hand delivered DVD from Falling Apples' co-founder and writer Khai Dattoli, and all previous rewards. And eternal gratitude. 


For those donors who wish to make a donation in honor of or in memory of someone, Falling Apples will  pay tribute to them below on this page.