Our Story

We started with just two young women wanting to put on a play to make themselves and the people they knew laugh. Pulling the best talent they could find, Jen Haley and writer Khai Dattoli put up a two-act comedy, "Beyond All Understanding." Three performances resulted in a strong audience following,  and another show "Off White," a story about a bride who doesn't know if she still wants to get married... or even who the groom is. The show played to sold-out audiences with people paying to stand in the back or sit in the aisles (don't tell the fire department). This led to "Missing Grace," Falling Apples' third comedy, which was about people struggling to pay their respects to the late Grandma Grace, while being somewhat less than respectable themselves.

A growing fan base allows this show to have the longest run of any of our plays. This summer we are excited to bring a 6-week run of "Off Book," a comedy about a show that must go on... and you get to decide who goes on in it. Come see how the drama backstage can outdo the drama onstage in this play-within-a-play where the audience decides the ending. 


"Off Book"is a play that begins with the craziness of a theatre an hour before the opening of a show. At the last minute the actor playing the romantic lead character calls to say he won't be there.  There are only three people left who know his lines.

One is the stage manager with a paralyzing fear of public speaking. Another is the playwright who happens to be a woman. And the last option is the director...who cast his sister as the other romantic lead.

In the second act, the play is performed with one of the three as the understudy, but during the intermission, the AUDIENCE VOTES which of the three will take the role. Each night the ending will be a surprise for the audience... and the cast!!

Hope to see you there!